Where to Meet Dogging Partners

Posted by admin
Jan 26 2011

Finding dogging partners is going to be important for anyone interested in dogging. This way you can meet others who are open to the activity and can meet up to play. If you go dogging by yourself you risk offending people who aren’t interested and possibly getting the law involved. There are several places you can use to find other dogging and meet a few partners.


Forums are a great place to meet others of like mind. You can use forums for so many different groups of people, and doggers are no exception. In fact, the dogging community is large, albeit mostly underground. The forums are a valuable resource for anyone involved in dogging. Almost all of these forums also include sub-forums for meeting others. You can post ads looking for partners, or just scroll through the ads that are posted to find dogging partners. You will need to sign up for the forum, and may have to participate for a few days before you are allowed access to these areas. They are typically free though, so this isn’t a big deal to most people.

Swinging Dating Sites

Dogging is generally accepted in the swinging community, and a lot of swingers dating sites have categories just for doggers. You may have to pay a membership fee to access profiles, but this fee gives you access to potentially hundreds of other doggers in your area. To search for doggers you may need to browse based on keyword, but the search will work the same regardless of what you are searching for. The dating sites will also allow you to connect and chat with others before you decide to meet.

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